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Promises Fulfilled

ImageIt is moving day part A for our little family. We have decided to do this in two chunks, so that our ‘tender’ items can go in a special way to keep them safe. It is a day that we have long looked forward to, because we have felt for a long time that we were meant to live somewhere else. (more…)


Weakness = Growth

file0001748142009Working out is one of the most inspiring times of my day. I love the ideas I get and the lessons I am taught while I am sweating buckets. I find that when I am trying to avoid the pain that comes with improving myself, my mind tries to go anywhere else. It is in the wanderings that I have learned so much. (more…)

Lasts Become Firsts

Our little family is on the move. For years we have craved change, sought change and dreamed about change. We have wanted to move time and time again. However with each attempt we learned that it wasn’t time yet and we were needed here. (more…)

Hope Restored

file0001223159267As I drove home from dropping the kids off at school one of the ‘soul touching’ songs that I love came on. There are a few songs that simply reach into your soul and comfort it. The songs change with each life experience.

“Worn” is by Tenth Avenue North. In this simple one word title volumes are spoken. There are times in our lives when the trials just won’t let up. When it seems as though each day brings a new layer of learning. There are days when we ‘let our hope fail’. The heaviness can be almost unbearable to our hearts. It is soul crushing, or is it? (more…)

The First Step….It IS Scary!


Today is the day I start on this amazing journey. The first step is always the hardest and scariest to make. There are so many times we need to take a first step. It is easy to step away from what is scary. It is difficult to pick up your foot, aim it in the direction of the unknown and set it down.

Today I picked up my foot and set it down on this path. Yep, it is scary. I have tried to run away from this path over and over again. Every stinking time I turned around it was right there beckoning me to come and see. Today Is the day I face it.

I decided to walk down this path today, because I want something more. I have struggled (that is putting it lightly) what my purpose is. What is the passion that drives me? What do I have to offer? Okay, you get the idea. I have started down so many ‘safe’ paths that have led me to dead ends, brief moments of joy, and pure nothingness. The only path that was left was this one.

So here you have it. This is the journey down that path, the one that scares the crap out of me. Along this journey I am going to find my joy, purpose, passion and all of the other things that make life amazing. Hang on tight…we are going for a ride!

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