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The Edge of Faith

file5331311639504For the past 10 months we have been living on the edge of faith. It is an exhilarating place to be. This journey has been one of incredible miracles and twists and turns. I have learned time and time again that I have no idea all that Heavenly Father has in store for us, because I would have resolved everything months ago. I would have never seen and experienced all that He has shown us either…

One of the most difficult things about sharing miracles is how much power they lose when I try to write them down. Words sometimes cannot do justice to what a heart feels and a soul sees. Time and time again, there have been little things that have helped to bear us up and give us strength to hold on. Most of the time it has been a song, something someone says, a robin that flies into my yard and so forth. It is always something that Heavenly Father knows will help me. He is good to me. (more…)


Learning Journey

file000704292456Wow…the learning journey is amazing, confusing and overwhelming at times. With every success there comes eight more questions for the next step. I have found that answers are amazing, finding them is difficult. I guess that is why they are so amazing.

There are many reasons I started this blog…all of them seem to disappear as I navigate through the logistics of it all. However, I need to remember that the main reason I started this blog was to share my journey. I have long wanted to find my ‘me’ in life and have thought that it would be a destination. WRONG! It is truly a journey. (more…)

Looking Up

file000854726598I feel blessed this morning as I sit outside in our backyard soaking in the morning sun. Each day is so beautiful and filled with potential. I have loved experiencing all of the newness. I love the songs from the different birds that are flying around. I love seeing the newness of life coming forth. There is so much to discover here. (more…)

Small Strengths

jun6th2011_032Do you ever have days when everything is just plain difficult? Days when thinking is a chore, doing anything is an obstacle and accomplishing anything is a feat in and of itself. Today is that day for me. I am grateful today that Heavenly Father made my body to breathe and function at a base level on its own. (more…)

Perfectly Imperfect

file000810885087I have thought a long time on how to start this particular post. Perfectly imperfect is something that I have wanted to express in the best possible way, because it is something I feel pretty strongly about. However keeping with the topic of this post, I just decided to go for it and whatever comes out is whatever comes out. (more…)

Not All Pain Is Bad….

file0001513488121In fact a lot of pain is good. Some days I wish I could blog during my workouts. That is when I have great clarity in my mind and thought process. That also would be a little counterproductive…leaving the workout every time I feel inspiration. My workouts would never get done or they would take me 4-5 hours. (more…)

Looking, Seeing, Believing

file9751272655027It is a new day. I love the potential and promise of a new day. There is so much to accomplish in these hours we have been given. Moving forward each day is an opportunity to become more than what we are when we wake up. (more…)

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