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Healing Chats

This morning I was Facebook chatting with two of my dearest friends. After moving to a different city, Facebook has been a blessing to help me stay in touch. All three of us are traveling on our own roads offile000138289502 growth.

Life has a way of teaching us in the quiet, unassuming moments. I love these moments, because they are the ones that pierce my soul the deepest. Sometimes I watch others and find inspiration and strength through their actions and words. (more…)


Place for Peace

Some lessons are learned through time, tears, prayers and the hard way. Peace is a lesson we all need to learn and re-learn. I have re-learned that peace is not something that comes automatically. It hasfile000749739082 to have a place in our hearts to come to.

I have struggled for a long time searching for this elusive feeling. I thought that if I did what I was supposed to, going through the motions, it would come. I thought that if I could just ‘get through’ the day I would feel it. I thought if I ‘figured out’ how Heavenly Father was going to take care of us, peace would be the natural result. My thoughts were a little on the wrong side. (more…)

Barefoot Healing

A few weeks back I did a great job injuring my ankle….black, blue, green and huge are great descriptive words. Can I say I truly dislike being injured? There is nothing fun about it. One thing I have DSCN1171learned is how much I appreciate being well and whole.

After this injury, I decided I could not stop working out daily. This is to protect my family as well as my sanity. Working out to me is purpose, cleansing and challenging. I need this at least 6 days a week. It is necessary to my survival. Unfortunately I could not put on my shoes. Fat ankle = fat foot. (more…)

Windows Of Heaven

In the book of Malachi the Lord commands Israel…file0001004835843

¬†10¬†Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. (more…)

Three Days

file0001513488121Yesterday as I was sitting in our Sacrament meeting, I began to reflect upon the disciples of Christ and all that they went through when He was crucified. It was a little overwhelming, however I am thankful for the time to reflect upon the One who loves me so much.

My mind first went to the sepulchre and the moment when they placed the shroud over their Savior and rolled the stone over the opening. I imagined the anguish that they felt, because the One they had looked to for instruction, love and example had just been violently taken from them. They didn’t understand why or what would happen from that moment. In all of their confusion and heartbreak they just did what they felt they needed to do to take care of Him. (more…)

At Bay

There are weeks in life when the wolves are barking, closing in and biting. Most of the time, they are kept at bay…unable to breach the defenses. However there comes a time and a moment that they get file5311251456711in.

When they get in there are so many things that come with them. They bring with them questions, heartache, problems that pile upon each other and soul stretching pain. The moments that are the most difficult are the ones that hold no inspiration of what to do, where to turn and how to move forward. As you stand there, the wolves are nipping at your feet, growling and pulling back to spring for the kill. Personally when staring down the throat of a wolf readying to spring in for the kill, I get a little nauseated. (more…)

Trust Yourself

2013-03-01 19.43.31A few weeks ago I was training at karate. It was tournament preparation time, which means we perform our katas for our classmates over and over so that we get the feel for tournament style performance. It is amazing how even when you are standing up in front of your peers, it is easy to have a memory lapse. (more…)

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