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file0001513000367Almost 20 years ago I embarked on one of the most amazing and SCARY adventures of my life. To this day I wonder how I had the strength to do what I did, but deep down inside I know I was given what I needed by my Heavenly Father.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we are blessed with the opportunity to leave our families for 18 months (as women) or 24 months (for men) and teach others about our Savior Jesus Christ. It is time we give back to our Heavenly Father. (more…)



A particular verse of scripture took on a whole new meaning for me today. As always I am taught when I am talking to my wonderful kids…in the truck. file000575426669

In the Book of Mormon I have found some of the most honest counsel of facing trials in this life. The applications have the ability to take upon them deeper levels as we experience life. The book of Helaman has one such verse that I have looked to for strength at many points in my life. Today I learned and saw a deeper level of this.

In this particular chapter and verse, Helaman is teaching his sons Nephi and Lehi the importance of their names. He is teaching them how to live. He is teaching them who to look to for strength and deliverance. He was a great parent, who did not sugar-coat what was to come in the lives of his sons. He simply prepared and strengthened them to be ready. (more…)

Promised Land

A few months ago I wrote about our Purposeful Wanderings and what we had learned in the process of finding our Promised Land. For whatever reason I thought we had learned ‘enough’ forDSCN1076 that time. I am sure Heavenly Father had a good chuckle with that one, knowing what was to come. I am thankful He has a wonderful sense of humor.

Once we stepped into our Promised Land, we have continued to learn through trial, fire, faith, struggles and pure determination. It has been one of the most refining experiences we have ever gone through. (more…)

Daddy’s Girl

DSCN1063There is something very special about being the only girl in my family. I have one of the best relationships with my Daddy. Even though I am close to forty years old, I still call him Daddy, because I am still his little girl.

Today I just wanted to share a little about the man I have been blessed to live with, learn from, be protected by and loved by. We have been able to spend some fantastic time this summer doing what I like to call ‘prison work’ in his backyard. We are basically moving dirt and rocks from one area to another and back again. He is re-landscaping his yard. As we have worked together we have had the time to quietly chat, just he and I. These are moments I treasure.

This is how it has been throughout my life. He was very gifted at working on our cars whenever they would break. I remember sitting at his side as he would tear apart our 1972 orange GMC truck. He would explain why things worked the way they did and let me see how he put it all back together when he had fixed the problem. We would quietly chat about things that were safe for a teenage girl to talk to her father about.

Looking back at these times in my life, I see that he was teaching me how to solve problems. He was showing me how to break things down and find what was not working right. He taught me how to live in a way that I could take care of myself, as long as I had him to watch over me. He blessed me with a deep understanding that there are times when you need to walk away, think and come back with a solution that was given to you from the Spirit.

I have watched this giant of a man take care of my mom each and every time she has had surgery (there have been over 30). I watched him give up his work in order to be there for his aged mother as she prepared to leave this life. He and my mom would take time each and every night to go to where she was staying, dress her, tuck her in and pray with her. I have watch him drop everything he was doing to be there for me and my brothers any time we would call (and sometimes when he just felt like we needed him). I have seen him sacrifice anything and everything so that those around him could have what they needed.

The tools he has given me have blessed my life every day. From him I have learned to care for those I love, make life for those around me a little better and strength that goes beyond anything physical.

I will never forget the day I was married. As I was sealed to my husband, I looked over at him. The man who had raised, protected and loved me for over 20 years. I noticed the tears streaming down his face. I knew right then that it would all be different, but I would forever be my Daddy’s little girl.

He is my hero. He is one of the greatest blessings I have in my life.


Unraveling My Heart

Have you ever had so many emotions in your heart? Sometimes it feels like it will erupt unless I sort them out. Today is one of those days…file571244300806

As I try to make sense of what is going on inside, I am having a difficult time finding a starting point to unravel this mess. It is like a nightmare of rope that is all coiled up in different directions daring me to find an end to begin the unraveling. I know I need to undo all of it, however the task is daunting beyond belief.

I think some days we have what it takes to keep the rope of our lives in order. We can untie any knot that comes along. We can coil to rope nicely and keep it in order.

Then there are the days, weeks, months or years when the rope starts getting tangled. We trip and stumble as we are trying to keep up with the knots, let alone untie them. We find ourselves letting go of the rope for just one moment to find some rest. In that brief moment everything spins out of control. The rope starts to take on a life of its own and the amount of rope, knots and tangles triples. It becomes a monumental task to keep our heads above the sea of rope surrounding us. Crying out for help seems futile, because it just keeps coming, piling up and becoming more than we think we can even bear.

So there you have it, a small glimpse into my heart today. Where to begin? I hope to understand this sea of rope at some time. I know that all we experience in life is for our benefit, essentially for our strength. I know that the moments we feel as though we are helpless, we are being borne up by our Savior. I also, know there have to be moments in our lives when we feel completely abandoned and overrun by the cares in our hearts. These are the moments He wants to know we choose Him.

I guess my best option would be to kneel down and find the end of the rope so I can start working on these knots. I am thinking the rope is not going to stop piling up around me. My best bet is to just get to work. When we are going about doing good, that is when He shows His love and kindness to us. That is when He reaches in and starts untying our knots too.

Therapeutic Writing

This morning I learned a huge lesson for me in my life…writing is the best therapy for a heavy heart. Message Stones

I woke up feeling the weight of the world crushing my heart. I would rather wake up on the wrong side of the bed, because I know I could go back to bed and get up on the right side. The weight of the world however does not respond well to the ‘going back to bed’ solution. It is what it is right now. (more…)

Test Day

beltpromojune 124It is officially here…test day. I am not going to lie, I am a bit nervous. I know what waits for me later this afternoon…. pain, exhaustion and exhilaration. It is something I can do. It is something I want to do.

We have been training for this specific test for a couple of months. The training has been brutal at times. I have had to stretch myself beyond what I thought I could do. (more…)

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