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In The Eyes

1001150_10201171270699937_787469731_nA few nights ago the world creeped ever so quietly into my son’s heart. His heart was broken and he didn’t know what to do. As I sat quietly on the bed next to him I prayed to have the wisdom to help him. You see he felt less than everyone else around him. In his eyes he didn’t measure up to his heroes and he felt a little broken.

My heart broke inside my chest and we cried together. (more…)



This is an incredible blog post about belief and the power it has in our lives. I love how he describes both sides of belief. It is a power for good. On the other hand it is a power that can hold us back from everything we want to achieve and become.  It is reblogged from:

4 Principles of The Power of Belief

The power of belief is a force that is all encompassing in your life. In fact, it is the power behind EVERYTHING in your life. Your level of happiness and satisfaction is directly proportional to your belief. Believe it or not, it is also the power that is behind the things that frustrate you and keep you discouraged. Yes, belief is the driving power fueling just about everything in your life.

Have you ever said that you didn’t believe in something? Maybe someone told you news that seemed impossible? Or that you were not prepared to hear?

I want to share with you a message about belief…

Even when you think you don’t believe, you still do. Let’s peel back the covers on belief a little more and show you how this works. With that realization, you can use this powerful gift in your life to accomplish whatever you choose.

1. Belief Is The Source Of All Power For Good

Belief has two definitions. They are: (1) an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists and (2) trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

You probably have a positive association of the word belief. When I think of belief, I think of things like faith, miracles, and optimism…all of which are positive things. When you are successful in life, it is because you lead with your belief. You believe that the new venture will be successful. You believe that you are going to succeed with your children. You believe that the new opportunity at work will be a good opportunity. You believe that the relationship will work out and be for the greatest good.

As you believe that it will be successful, that is what happens. If you didn’t have the belief that it was going to turn out for your good, you wouldn’t have done it to begin with. Instead of moving forward, you would have done nothing.

Which brings us to the next point…

2. Belief Is The Source Of All Negative Power

While that may seem like a strange statement, it is absolutely true.

You may believe that you are not good enough. You may believe that you are not smart enough, or that events of your past were your fault. You may believe that your worst fears will come true, or that if something bad is going to happen, it will happen to you. You place all of your belief in these negative things and that is exactly what happens.

Your belief ends up being the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy.

You have heard the expression that says whether you think you can or you think you can’t…you are right. I would suggest that you rephrase the statement like this…

Whether you believe that you can or believe that you can’t…you are right.

3. Your Lack Of Belief Is Holding You Back More Than Anything

As my clients come to me for help in changing their behaviors, they find that their lack of belief is holding them back.

The person that is suffering with grief believes that they cannot heal and overcome. The person that needs to lose weight believes that this next diet will end up like the last one…it won’t work. Or, the person that doesn’t allow hypnotherapy to teach them to heal their mind because they believe that hypnosis doesn’t work.

In all of these cases, the lack of belief is keeping you from everything you want.

Think about the people who have achieved great things in life:

  • Christ accomplished miracles through his belief that they would happen
  • Edison believed he could find a way to make the light bulb work in spite of his many previous failed attempts
  • Columbus believed that the world was round in spite of the persecution of everyone else
  • Michael Jordan believed he had more talent than the coach that cut him from the high school team

I could go on for quite some time with more examples and you have examples that mean a lot to you personally. The whole point is that their belief drove them to the success they desired. Their belief allowed them to achieve and succeed in spite of those around them that didn’t want them to succeed.

Belief is the power principle behind success.

4. How Do You Believe When You Feel Like You Can’t?

How do you find belief when everything around you is causing you to doubt? How can you push forward when forces push you back? The key to believing is found in children….

They simply just believe

They don’t allow what they don’t know to shroud what they believe. They believe in Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Boogeyman, and all kinds of things. In fact, if you tell a young child that there are green aliens outside the door, they will believe you.

Their belief powers their actions. It creates a sparkle in their eye. It keeps them moving forward and searching for answers. Their greatest strength is their belief

And that is the irony. There are those that think that belief is weakness. They believe that it is to foolishness to accept and believe in something that cannot be seen. They assume that because it isn’t seen…”it doesn’t exist.”

As a result, those people stay stuck in their life. They don’t think they can overcome their self-limiting thoughts because it doesn’t make sense. They simply believe that believing doesn’t work. What they don’t recognize is that…

Their “unbelief” is still belief

They just believe in a negative outcome. It is the exact same power that people use to believe and achieve great things.

What About You?

With these 4 principles about the power of belief, the question is how are you going to use this? Will you believe to accomplish the great things that you are destined to do? Will you believe that there is healing? Will you believe that there are ways to overcome?

If you find that believing is not possible, then I would recommend hypnotherapy. It will help you eliminate those self-limiting thoughts so that you can believe again.

The power of belief is always active in your life. The true question you have to ask yourself is “What do I believe in?”

I believe in you. I watch people use this power to overcome fear, become “good enough”, control pain, lose weight, stop smoking, and completely transform their lives. Belief is the power that will set you free. It will help you accomplish your life purpose…your highest good.

These 4 principles of belief will determine your end result.

Great things have never been accomplished by believing less. The solution is to believe more.

He Heard

IMG_9845I am not sure what to do with days like today, just live them I guess. There is a sense of emptiness in my mind and heart that I have found difficult to fill.

We are at yet another crossroads in our lives. It seems like we have been here done this quite a bit lately. One would think we had the hang of it, however each crossroads has brought with it a new set of rules and extra added moments of growth. Life does not seem to pause until things resolve, rather it tends to throw more at you to see how much you can handle.

Feeling like the ideas have run out and the options as slim as a piece of paper the questions began to pile up in our hearts. The only option I could think of was to pray. My first inclination was to find the right words to ‘force His hand’ and show Him that we need all the blessings we feel we should receive at this time. That thought lasted for about a second before I began to laugh out loud. Hahaha…forcing His hand is quite a funny statement. Wow, that was evidence of high quality, immature faith at that moment.

After I pulled myself together, grew up quickly and allowed my heart to open once again, we knelt in prayer. My heart hurt because I have no answers, no inclination of direction, no ideas. The feeling of helplessness engulfed my soul. Yet, within in all, there was a sliver of peace. We always have prayer.

As the day went on, we were blessed with opportunities to reach out to others and lose ourselves momentarily. These were gifts that allowed my soul to feel purpose.

Coming home from the hospital visiting my Mom, I poured out my heart to Him. Tears flowed with the words that were uttered and those left unspoken. All I needed was to know He was there and that we are not alone at this crossroads. The answer was not there, in my heart I knew that.

From somewhere, it came. A sense that He had heard. A feeling that He knows right where we are literally and metaphorically.

The overwhelming feeling of emptiness has been pushed back a bit and this feeling has come in. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. I do know that I have prayer and a Father who knows me.

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544085_10200804704015999_587680661_nLast March as our family searched for a new home, we made a list of where we wanted to be and how much we could afford to pay. Because of our circumstances our choices were quite slim. Deep in my heart I knew I would know our home when I saw it. After searching and exhausting all of our options my spirit was pretty low.

I decided to expand our search. When I did, I found a beautiful home that I fell in love with…well as much as I would allow myself. Once the arrangements were made to see the home, I placed a little barrier around my heart. After countless heartbreaks, I wanted to be distant (for future reference, this is not a good thing to do). (more…)

Relying On Him

file3561240620254A couple of days ago I read a scripture that embedded itself into my heart. It wasn’t the entire verse even, just one word that simply seared itself into my soul.

“Wherefore, all mankind were in a lost and in a fallen state, and ever would be save they should rely on this Redeemer.” (1 Nephi 10:6)


Often times Heavenly Father will give me an answer to a question that has not been asked. These answers come just like this one did…one word or phrase from the scriptures, prophets, my husband, parents, children, friends or even a stranger. These words stick in my heart, which is right where they need to be when the question comes.

This morning was the culmination of many things I had been battling in my heart. Emptiness has been a constant companion for years and it has been quite pushy for the past month. It is difficult for me to describe what it feels like, however it brings with it a sensation of a black hole in my mind. It comes and goes, but lately it had decided to stay.

As I pondered how I felt this morning my heart asked the question, “Will I ever be free from this demon that is constantly pulling me down?” “Will I ever finally overcome?” There was a small part of me that screamed, “yes”, however there was more of the natural part of me that wanted to give into the despair of hopelessness.

I turned to my husband for help. He is my healer in every sense of the word. Using the incredible skills he has, he took me on a difficult, but incredible journey.

I have always felt that the demons I personally struggle with are ones that know me at such a deep level. It is in this that they know where to go and how to pick at me. I usually attempt to defend myself by becoming angry with them and kicking them out so to speak. This tactic has worked, but only temporarily.

Today as I journeyed on this path to deal with ‘emptiness’ I found out how deeply rooted it has been in my heart. It did not want to leave my heart at all. As I battled to get rid of it, it took every ounce of strength that I had to pull it out. When I finally was able to separate it from me, I asked the questions again…


As I caught on this word that had been in my heart for a few days I found a greater sense of light and understanding. I learned that the only way I will ever be free from these demons is through a constant reliance on my Savior. In order to be free I need to treat them as He would, with love and forgiveness.

His love is pure and all-encompassing, yet He does not own the characteristics of those He loves. Because He understands who He is, He can love from His soul, no strings attached. We are required to love all…even those who would destroy us. I never understood how to do this, however He does and has begun to teach me.

As I began to understand this love I was able to let go of emptiness and find within my heart what truly makes me happy. It is different for each one of us, however I know that deep within all of us there is a gift that we are given that brings us true happiness.


He is amazing.

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