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Here To Learn

file5921284885940Enlightenment is incredible. It usually comes in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected times. It is always very quiet and powerful.

Sunday I experienced a moment of enlightenment. As we were listening to the speaker in church, he said something that touched my heart and gave words to something that I have been pondering. (more…)


Three Days

file0001513488121Yesterday as I was sitting in our Sacrament meeting, I began to reflect upon the disciples of Christ and all that they went through when He was crucified. It was a little overwhelming, however I am thankful for the time to reflect upon the One who loves me so much.

My mind first went to the sepulchre and the moment when they placed the shroud over their Savior and rolled the stone over the opening. I imagined the anguish that they felt, because the One they had looked to for instruction, love and example had just been violently taken from them. They didn’t understand why or what would happen from that moment. In all of their confusion and heartbreak they just did what they felt they needed to do to take care of Him. (more…)

Purposeful Wanderings

file0001119394301This year I decided to make a greater study of the Old Testament. I have found an amazing treasure of knowledge in the pages of this blessed book. It has enhanced all of my other scripture studies as it sheds a greater light on the history and purpose of the prophets we learn from. (more…)

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