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Brave Enough

file0001410056452I am always in awe when a song can capture exactly what my heart feels. It is always incredible when the emotion, lyrics and music of the song create a moment within me that allows a special release of what is inside. The power of song is truly amazing.

Hold Me Now‘ by Red is one of the most emotional songs I have ever experienced. As I listen to his raw voice singing, I realize that this song is one that has come from his soul. His description of falling, fear, and holding on creates the imagery of someone doing their best to stay strong in spite of life requiring more than they feel they have to give. (more…)


Healing Chats

This morning I was Facebook chatting with two of my dearest friends. After moving to a different city, Facebook has been a blessing to help me stay in touch. All three of us are traveling on our own roads offile000138289502 growth.

Life has a way of teaching us in the quiet, unassuming moments. I love these moments, because they are the ones that pierce my soul the deepest. Sometimes I watch others and find inspiration and strength through their actions and words. (more…)

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