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Pushing Barriers

The climbFor as long as I can remember I have been deathly afraid of heights and falling. There is a special sensation that grips the back of my legs when I feel like I am up too high or too close to a ledge…and don’t even ask me to look up.

This can get a little ridiculous at times. When we first hiked up the road to spend time in my mountain, I looked back and this feeling gripped my legs, heart and lungs. I was standing on a solid road, not even close to a drop off. I didn’t let it stop me that day, however I had to push through it. I have never regretted that. My mountain hold so many treasures for me…the waterfall, paths that lead somewhere and nowhere at the same time, peace, inspiration, and rocks to climb. 

barriersI have often thought about this barrier in my life and how it can prevent me from discovering amazing places and experiences. I realized that if I had allowed it to control me that day, I would have never found the incredible emotions that spread through me as I spend time in a place I love.

How often do the barriers that I feel in my life prevent me from experiencing, living and feeling?

If I see a barrier for what it truly is, then I am more likely to conquer it. So what is a barrier? My answer to this came from a discussion I had with my incredible husband. We were talking about how often we limit ourselves and why we do this. How many influences in our lives, when allowed, will hold us back.

I have found that a barrier is anything that is placed upon our hearts, spirits and minds that prevent us from moving forward and becoming who we are meant to be. At the core of it all is the adversary who wants nothing more than to bind us completely. He does it all so quietly and little by little until we accept the hold he has on us as ‘safety’ or ‘reality’.

the viewToday I decided to break from my traditional workout and accept an invitation from my husband to climb to a huge rock that sits high in my mountain. We hiked straight up over a thousand feet, climbing over rocks, and creating a path for ourselves…the entire time I kept my eyes on the ground (mostly because I didn’t want to roll the ankles). When we reached our destination I looked back on where we had come from. In spite of that sensation gripping my legs, the view was BREATHTAKING! I had pushed through my barrier and found something far more beautiful! I also found that my fear is a perception…not reality.

We found a rock that was bigger than we imagined. We found the power that onlyconquering comes through conquering. We found inspiration. We found life!

Life is meant to be lived. It is only through living that we find ourselves…who we were before we came and who we are meant to become. Barriers are meant to be pushed, stretched and broken. Doing this gives us the strength to do it again and again.

Pushing BackOnce again, I found Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ on the other side of the barrier….showing me the magic of life.



DSCN1527I woke up to this song playing in my mind… Someday by Disciple. It has been there off and on for a few weeks now. I have found a lot of solace and strength in the words of this song.

As I work through moments of uncertainty I see that this is all a temporary state in our lives. It is a time for learning, growing and showing what I am made of. I have moments when I feel like I am made of weaker materials. And at a certain level this is true. However, at the core, I have strength my body will never understand in this life.

I love the line in the song that says, “Someday we will rise above the pain of this world.” The word ‘rise’ is powerful in my heart. It shows me  that I am on a journey that will always require me to lift myself up to become better. As I listen to this song I imagine myself holding onto a rope, pulling myself up out of a sea of hands that would bring me down at the first possible chance. As i pull on this rope of salvation with everything I have, I am looking up.

There are times when my hands are burning, my arms have no more strength to give and I feel the downward pull. The voices of those who would pull me down become louder and I feel my heart beginning to believe the lies they are telling me…lies of weakness, doubt, selfishness and so forth. As I struggle to maintain my upward gaze, I realize that there are those who are on the other side of the spectrum. Those who would have me climb. They know that it is only in the climb that I will gain the strength I need to arrive. I am grateful for those hands that lift.

Honestly I love the days when the climb is easier. They are days of recovery. Sometimes they come in large numbers, however recently they have been few and far between. Yet, I would not embrace these days if I didn’t have to struggle. I would not be as grateful for the light in my life if I didn’t have to climb out of the darkness. How grateful I am that there is a light to reach for, even if it feels distant.

Rope burns, fatigue and all…it is worth the climb.

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