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Getting Back Up

Balance is a tricky thing. It is something we all strive to achieve, however it is quite fragile when we think about it. I have learned a few things about balance over the past couple of days…and file9221299618382learning about balance means we don’t always maintain it in the process.

This morning as I was doing a balance portion of my Insanity workout, I noticed a few things that struck me. As I stood there on one foot while kicking with the other one, I took note of the reasons I was having balance checks and wobbles. When my focus strayed from the spot I use to center myself, my balance followed it. When my core was not solid, neither was the balance. When my foot decided the surface I was standing on wasn’t stable enough, my balance decided to take a walk. When I wasn’t centered with my entire body, balance was not an option. (more…)


Balance and Power

Working out is one of the most instructive times of my day. This morning was no different. I love the quiet moments when I am sweating up a storm figuring out how my body actually works. Well, sometimes it doesn’t do as well as others, but I do my best anyway.

file0001548078191Today I did a P90X2 Core workout. I love to strengthen my core, because it is the base for everything else I do. Without a strong core, karate would be nigh impossible, jumping would be useless and running would be a no go. So I tend to focus on my core a lot. Part of a good core strengthening is balance work. Tony Horton asks the question, “Why is this in here? Because it’s hard!” I love that, because it IS hard to find balance when the rest of your body is moving in all different directions. Doing hard things is what makes us better.

Balance this morning was not my forte at all. I was flopping everywhere looking as ungraceful as possible. It made me a little frustrated, okay a lot frustrated. I decided to do a system check to see if I could find the cause of this lack of grace. After a few moments, I locked on to a part of my body that has been giving me some issues for the past month. It is incredible to think that a minor hip rotation could cause so many issues throughout the entire system. Gah! (more…)

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