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Who He Needs

MoldingIt is interesting how life teaches us. When we put our lives in Heavenly Father’s hands, we are opening ourselves up to a teacher that gives us more than we can handle.

Some years ago, my husband and I decided we needed to do just that….allow Him to guide our lives so that He can do with us what He needs. Thinking back over the time that has passed since that decision, He has been molding us with many great and challenging experiences.

Molding is not a gentle craft….there is the stripping away of unnecessary behaviors and thoughts, there is carving of new places to hold greater emotions, there is kneading to soften the hard places within us, and let us not forget that there is constant pressure applied so that we are shaped to become who He needs us to be.

Experiencing each one of these processes has not been comfortable. There have been many moments that I have wanted to buckle under the constant pressure placed on our backs. Many days I have been driven to my knees begging for deliverance, because I didn’t think we could handle any more.

In His wisdom, He sent the power of the Atonement to bear us up. This power came in ways that I didn’t understand (mostly because I was looking for something else). I was given brief moments of clarity, days that the burden was taken completely, people who truly love me and hope when I could not see any.

Mostly I was given more to carry.

There have been decisions placed before us this past week that have required us to look deeper into this choice we have made. Looking back a few weeks ago, I would not have had an open heart to consider what He may ask us to do. Yet, through quiet whisperings, feelings and times of pondering, my heart has opened.

Underneath this load, He has taught me who is in charge.

Thankfully it is Him. Thankfully He sees me for who I truly am. Thankfully He is patient with me. Thankfully He did not answer my pleading for deliverance. Thankfully He trusts me to listen and make the decisions that are necessary.

I would not be who He needs me to be without the constant molding and the Atonement of Jesus Christ to strengthen me.


The Right Prayer

This journey through mortality is an amazing one at best. It is tailor made for each one of us so that we can become who we are meant to be. file000439029567

I have learned and re-learned how my trials are just what I need to bring me closer to Him. They are mine and some days they are all I can handle. I am sure from the outside looking in, my trials may be a walk in the park for others, maybe it is because they have already conquered the mountain I am currently climbing.

At this particular growing season in my life, I have learned so much about my heart, my desires and my strength. I am experiencing something that I never have before…and I have yet to give this a name, because it is so new to me. I know that there have been many blessings promised to us, that deliverance is nigh at hand and that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Yet, during the quiet times of day when it seems as though nothing is moving forward my heart seems to melt in uncertainty. (more…)


file621250696198When I was 5 years old I was hit by a car. I flew up into the air, landed on the hood of the car, and bounced onto the road. As a result I broke my left leg, lost a lot of skin to the road and lived. The miracle is that I was not drug under the car, there was an EMT 20 yards away who set my leg and stopped the bleeding and finally I have not had any lasting physical effects from that event. (more…)

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