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Our Story

Our StoryIt has been just over one year. One year ago our path took a new, faith demanding, exhilarating and beautiful turn. I had no idea what was in store for my heart, just promises from Heavenly Father that He would be there every step of the way.

As I have looked back over the year I have seen moments when there seemed like there was no way out, no answers to be had. There always seemed to be more questions than answers and the hole we were in kept getting deeper and deeper. It never did any good to ask, ‘why?’ because the moment that word slipped into my heart it was accompanied by the darkness of guilt and fear. (more…)


Promised Land

A few months ago I wrote about our Purposeful Wanderings and what we had learned in the process of finding our Promised Land. For whatever reason I thought we had learned ‘enough’ forDSCN1076 that time. I am sure Heavenly Father had a good chuckle with that one, knowing what was to come. I am thankful He has a wonderful sense of humor.

Once we stepped into our Promised Land, we have continued to learn through trial, fire, faith, struggles and pure determination. It has been one of the most refining experiences we have ever gone through. (more…)


file621250696198When I was 5 years old I was hit by a car. I flew up into the air, landed on the hood of the car, and bounced onto the road. As a result I broke my left leg, lost a lot of skin to the road and lived. The miracle is that I was not drug under the car, there was an EMT 20 yards away who set my leg and stopped the bleeding and finally I have not had any lasting physical effects from that event. (more…)

Slaying a Giant One Stone At A Time


Moving a family is quite an undertaking…Wow. Today is the first day I have had any amount of brain power to share what I have learned over the past few weeks. I am truly impressed with the amount we can accomplish on little sleep, drained emotions and a strong spirit. (more…)

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