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Finding Strength

Today I am staring down the barrel of two projects that need to be done. I am not quite sure how to start either one of them…file000147507546

As I wait for the creative lightning to strike, I try to sort through the thoughts running around in my mind. One of the projects is centered around developing a talk about the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. The other is a paper about finding strength. I feel as though I have a vortex in my mind mixing the two up and creating little hybrids. (more…)


Brave Enough

file0001410056452I am always in awe when a song can capture exactly what my heart feels. It is always incredible when the emotion, lyrics and music of the song create a moment within me that allows a special release of what is inside. The power of song is truly amazing.

Hold Me Now‘ by Red is one of the most emotional songs I have ever experienced. As I listen to his raw voice singing, I realize that this song is one that has come from his soul. His description of falling, fear, and holding on creates the imagery of someone doing their best to stay strong in spite of life requiring more than they feel they have to give. (more…)

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