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A particular verse of scripture took on a whole new meaning for me today. As always I am taught when I am talking to my wonderful kids…in the truck. file000575426669

In the Book of Mormon I have found some of the most honest counsel of facing trials in this life. The applications have the ability to take upon them deeper levels as we experience life. The book of Helaman has one such verse that I have looked to for strength at many points in my life. Today I learned and saw a deeper level of this.

In this particular chapter and verse, Helaman is teaching his sons Nephi and Lehi the importance of their names. He is teaching them how to live. He is teaching them who to look to for strength and deliverance. He was a great parent, who did not sugar-coat what was to come in the lives of his sons. He simply prepared and strengthened them to be ready. (more…)


Three Days

file0001513488121Yesterday as I was sitting in our Sacrament meeting, I began to reflect upon the disciples of Christ and all that they went through when He was crucified. It was a little overwhelming, however I am thankful for the time to reflect upon the One who loves me so much.

My mind first went to the sepulchre and the moment when they placed the shroud over their Savior and rolled the stone over the opening. I imagined the anguish that they felt, because the One they had looked to for instruction, love and example had just been violently taken from them. They didn’t understand why or what would happen from that moment. In all of their confusion and heartbreak they just did what they felt they needed to do to take care of Him. (more…)

Promised Land

dlo 195kkkkThis is one of those times when I have learned something at a deep level that when I try to share it may not come out as profound. If you will indulge me I hope to impart what I have felt over the past two days.

Yesterday in our Sacrament meeting our very inspired Bishop spoke on a talk that was given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in 2009. The talk is entitled Remember Lot’s Wife. It is an amazing talk that opened my heart and eyes to so many aspects of faith and forgiveness. Our Bishop spoke about the forgiveness aspect of the talk. It was well timed, as I have so often held onto different things that have held me back, because I have not allowed forgiveness to heal my hurts. (more…)

I Will Go

Have you ever been wandering around in the dark? Not knowing where you are going? Not knowing where the end of your current journey is? Have you ever felt like that is where you should be, even if file0001330044883you didn’t understand why? Have you felt like there are things you need to do, but don’t know how they are going to be accomplished? So do I.

This week has been particularly challenging for me, my heart and my faith. I honestly don’t ever remember a time when I have struggled so hard to do the right thing, please my Heavenly Father and travel through the times of trials. I truly feel that I am helpless and don’t know how to help resolve the situation we find ourselves in. This is a test of faith. (more…)

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