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I Can Do Hard Things

I have been in an Insanity workout mode for the past couple of weeks. This is one of the most difficult workout series I have ever done. I started it 3 years ago and I have done it ever since. I DSCN1514have added in karate and P90X2 along the way to keep it mixed up. Yet for cardio and simply leaving everything I have on the floor…this wins hands down.

Today I decided I needed to bring up the intensity level so I did the Max CardioConditioning workout. It is 45 minutes of hard endurance training. It was 45 minutes of life learning for me today. (more…)


Barefoot Healing

A few weeks back I did a great job injuring my ankle….black, blue, green and huge are great descriptive words. Can I say I truly dislike being injured? There is nothing fun about it. One thing I have DSCN1171learned is how much I appreciate being well and whole.

After this injury, I decided I could not stop working out daily. This is to protect my family as well as my sanity. Working out to me is purpose, cleansing and challenging. I need this at least 6 days a week. It is necessary to my survival. Unfortunately I could not put on my shoes. Fat ankle = fat foot. (more…)

Not All Pain Is Bad….

file0001513488121In fact a lot of pain is good. Some days I wish I could blog during my workouts. That is when I have great clarity in my mind and thought process. That also would be a little counterproductive…leaving the workout every time I feel inspiration. My workouts would never get done or they would take me 4-5 hours. (more…)

My Strengths Are My Strengths

Chinese_Symbol_-_StrengthI am not a gym rat, but I truly love a good gut wrenching, sweat inducing, pain causing workout. My preferred workouts are done in the solitary confines of my living room with my good friends Shaun T and Tony Horton. Insanity and P90X2 have brought more moments of pushing through, near barfing and painful strengthening than anything else I have found…for me. I have fallen in love with interval training and muscle confusion, because that is how life goes for me (a little bit of intervals and a lot of confusion). (more…)

Balance and Power

Working out is one of the most instructive times of my day. This morning was no different. I love the quiet moments when I am sweating up a storm figuring out how my body actually works. Well, sometimes it doesn’t do as well as others, but I do my best anyway.

file0001548078191Today I did a P90X2 Core workout. I love to strengthen my core, because it is the base for everything else I do. Without a strong core, karate would be nigh impossible, jumping would be useless and running would be a no go. So I tend to focus on my core a lot. Part of a good core strengthening is balance work. Tony Horton asks the question, “Why is this in here? Because it’s hard!” I love that, because it IS hard to find balance when the rest of your body is moving in all different directions. Doing hard things is what makes us better.

Balance this morning was not my forte at all. I was flopping everywhere looking as ungraceful as possible. It made me a little frustrated, okay a lot frustrated. I decided to do a system check to see if I could find the cause of this lack of grace. After a few moments, I locked on to a part of my body that has been giving me some issues for the past month. It is incredible to think that a minor hip rotation could cause so many issues throughout the entire system. Gah! (more…)

Weakness = Growth

file0001748142009Working out is one of the most inspiring times of my day. I love the ideas I get and the lessons I am taught while I am sweating buckets. I find that when I am trying to avoid the pain that comes with improving myself, my mind tries to go anywhere else. It is in the wanderings that I have learned so much. (more…)

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