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A particular verse of scripture took on a whole new meaning for me today. As always I am taught when I am talking to my wonderful kids…in the truck. file000575426669

In the Book of Mormon I have found some of the most honest counsel of facing trials in this life. The applications have the ability to take upon them deeper levels as we experience life. The book of Helaman has one such verse that I have looked to for strength at many points in my life. Today I learned and saw a deeper level of this.

In this particular chapter and verse, Helaman is teaching his sons Nephi and Lehi the importance of their names. He is teaching them how to live. He is teaching them who to look to for strength and deliverance. He was a great parent, who did not sugar-coat what was to come in the lives of his sons. He simply prepared and strengthened them to be ready. (more…)


Pushing A Rock

file0001500131478A few months ago my Mom shared a story she had heard in church with me. It is something that I have thought a lot about as we have worked through our strengthening opportunity.

The story goes like this (please bear in mind that this is a retell of a retell): (more…)

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