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file0001068993697I love the quiet of the morning. In these precious moments before life takes over we can hear some of the most beautiful whisperings of the Spirit softly teaching us.

Today started rather abruptly with a thunderstorm crashing into the mountains behind our home. It was magnificent! With each clap of thunder, my heart started racing and the adrenaline started to flow. I felt so alive. My heart and mind were opened and I was able to feel, hear and receive. (more…)


Calm in the Storm

file0001068993697For the past few nights I have been jarred awake by wind, lightning and rain. Other than losing a few precious moments of sleep, I love storms.

They have brought a fair amount of turmoil with them, however they have brought a much needed respite from the extreme heat we have been enjoying this summer. (more…)

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