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Test Day

beltpromojune 124It is officially here…test day. I am not going to lie, I am a bit nervous. I know what waits for me later this afternoon…. pain, exhaustion and exhilaration. It is something I can do. It is something I want to do.

We have been training for this specific test for a couple of months. The training has been brutal at times. I have had to stretch myself beyond what I thought I could do. (more…)


Trust Yourself

2013-03-01 19.43.31A few weeks ago I was training at karate. It was tournament preparation time, which means we perform our katas for our classmates over and over so that we get the feel for tournament style performance. It is amazing how even when you are standing up in front of your peers, it is easy to have a memory lapse. (more…)

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